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Defining corporate strategy

We are engaged by clients - which include both established financial institutions as well as startup investors - to clarify strategic direction and reflect it in a credible financial model.

Our style calls for quickly identifying key questions and finishing the engagement with a clear view of the strategic priority, allowing organisation to focus its critical resources - which in the end is the whole point of strategy.

Reference project

Our client is a leading retail securities broker. The company was one of our first clients in 2010 and we maintained the relation, helping it with both annual strategy updates as well as one-time events requiring analytical support.

Strategy engagement lasted twelve weeks and involved a team of three consultants.

Strategic direction was gradually agreed upon in the rhythm of weekly workshops. Especially helpful was a detailed study of global market trends and inspiring case studies abroad.

Comprehensive financial model was an essential tool in quantifying emerging ideas. The model presented a detailed view of all the business lines and their value drivers, a perspective that had never before been compiled internally. Three development scenarios helped to assess how sensible was the strategy to market movements.

The final vision was communicated through a concise presentation for the supervisory board and a detailed implementation roadmap.

Bartłomiej was managing this project, ask for more details →

Supporting Private Equity

We have been working with private equity funds from London, Singapore, Warsaw to explore their target markets and rapidly verify investment hypotheses.

In this kind of work we prioritise getting more data rather than doing more analysis.

Processed information is often readily available, but we prefer direct sources - therefore we identify and interview relevant experts, hire people to observe retail facilities or conduct mystery shopping.

Reference project

One of our clients is London office of a leading global private equity fund, which specialises in technology sector.

In one of several engagements we were asked to verify outlook for one of the top players in certain niche of the Internet advertising market. Even though there is abundance of market data in online world, the trends were inconclusive and it was hard to tell whether target will continue along its gently upward trajectory, or fell off some unforeseen cliff in the near future.

In order to gauge what industry insiders are thinking, we conducted several interviews with all of the marketplace counterparts - marketing directors at large accounts, advertising agencies, performance marketing players. We grouped observations into understandable trends and presented findings in easily digestible form.

Dina was lead analyst on this project, ask her for more details →

Other strategy projects

  • Defining international expansion strategy
  • Conducting Strategic Cost Analysis
  • Performing company valuations
  • Writing business plans and financial memoranda
  • Defining startup strategy and operating model