Operations make or break your P&L and deserve highest quality consulting support. We use powerful analytical toolset to address key operational challenges facing our clients


We have extensive experience in CRM projects across a number of industries - banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare.

The key success factor for the adoption (and not just implementation) of a new CRM is change management, and therefore we focus on how to achieve critical business goals with minimal effort required from the front line - fewer contact statuses, fewer process steps, more automation.

Reference project

BRE is Commerzbank's affiliate in Poland and one of our first clients.

Project's scope was to define business concept for CRM that was planned to be rolled out across all retail banking division.

Engagement lasted eight weeks and was executed by two consultants. During this time the team designed and confirmed with stakeholders all key processes and corresponding functional requirements, which were then used to prepare RFP for IT vendors.

The CRM was successfully implemented and now serves as best practice within the Group.

Marta was managing this project, ask her more details →

Process optimisation

We are engaged to deliver quick diagnosis of business processes and organisational structure to meet client's various goals - improving quality of service, reducing cost, or adjusting to changes in the marketplace.

In our approach, we emphasise fresh look at the organisation over benchmarking with industry peers, which, we believe, can at best result in catching up to industry standard (which often means mediocrity).

Due to our diverse experience we are perfectly suited for solving out-of-the-box problems.

Reference project

The client was a large, international publishing house.

The engagement was result of a set of challenges which appeared at the same time - raising number of customer complaints, pressure on the bottom line, shift of strategic priorities from traditional channels to e-commerce.

We provided a senior expert to quickly deliver initial assessment of the root cause of the problems, as well as ideas for improvement. We found that outsourcing in the area of logistics needed fine-tuning, and proposed contract amendments. Closer look at customer service units resulted in discovery of a number of issues, including reporting discrepancies.

Cooperation with the client was done in a flexible "on demand" model, therefore the findings were almost immediately translated into change managements tasks, securing quick impact in the targeted areas.

Other projects

  • Business process design in stock brokerage
  • Business process design in private healthcare
  • Post-merger integration