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    • "A Warsaw company supports GiLA's students, donates 10k"

      Gazeta Wyborcza, Mar 13th

      Coverage of our operation in Torun, where we transferred donation for the no. 1 high school in Poland, specialised in educating extraordinarily gifted youth. Article explains difficult situation of the school and efforts to secure its future.



    • "E-commerce grows, but there are fewer new shops"

      Rzeczpospolita, Feb 21st

      E-commerce in Poland growing fast and consolidating in the same time - article in Rzeczpospolita with comments of our expert, Małgorzata Gunerka.


    • "Current accounts are getting more expensive"

      Gazeta Prawna, Feb 12th

      Banks are reducing number of "free of charge" accounts. Our comments on future trend and decreasing competition.


    • "End of the white collars' world"

      Forbes, October 2013

      So far solid education ensured a high life status. From now on, only specialization can save you from low income and mechanical work. An article with comments from our partner Bartłomiej Owczarek.




    • "Internet banking, mobile banking and... TV banking?"

      Wirtualna Polska, Aug 27th

      After introducing access to bank accounts through the Internet and mobile phones, banks launch new services - TV banking. BZ WBK paves the way. An article with opinions of our partner Bartłomiej Owczarek.

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    • "E-commerce improves transactions"

      Puls Biznesu, Aug 7th

      Online stores use solutions, which so far were dedicated to manage large amounts of invoices. An article with comments from our expert Małgorzata Gunerka.


    • "Companies need a fresh view"

      Puls Biznesu, Jul 31st

      A small change can greatly improve the work organization and the information flow within the company. You only need to open up for it. An article with our comments.


    • "Being a businessman can be simple", Jul 29th

      It's becoming easier for people in Poland to work on their own account. An article with our comments.

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    • "Problem with business development?", Jul 17th

      How to deal with a growing company? An article by our partner Anna Wiącek.

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    • "Goldenberry knows what it wants"

      Puls Biznesu, Jun 17th

      Goldenberry's business concept and development. An article with our comments.


    • "Dr Kalliwoda values PGS Software shares at 3,8 zł"

      Parkiet, May 2nd

      The experts from Dr Kalliwoda have decided, on the basis of the first quarter results, to keep PGS shares. As another reason they list the newly formed partnership with Goldenberry.

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    • "PGS Software expands its business into IT consulting"

      Parkiet, Apr 19th

      An article discussing our partnership with PGS Software - a public company listed on the NewConnect.

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    • "Goldenberry and PGS Software begin cooperation"

      Interia, Apr 18th

      Release regarding newly-formed partnership between Goldenberry and PGS Software, a custom system developer based in Wrocław and Rzeszów with over 200 developers and testers.

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    • "The apologies and a new offer are not enough"

      Rzeczpospolita, Apr 12th

      The price changes of the packages from the nc+ provider have not satisfied the clients. An article with our comments.

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    • "nc+ What a beautiful disaster"

      Bloomberg Businessweek Polska,

      Apr 8th

      An article about the new satellite platform nc+ with our comments.


    • "How to save on hardware and applications"

      Puls Biznesu, Mar 27th

      During the recession companies look for more efficiency and ways to reduce operating costs. An article with our comments.

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    • "Transfers without a number - this will be a revolution"

      Wirtualna Polska, Mar 18th

      This could be the end of bank account numbers. An article with our comments.

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    • "Growth - yes, but consistent with the plan"

      Puls Biznesu, Jan 25th

      Unsustainable growth may do more harm than good. An article with our comments.

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    • "Five IT rules in times of the crisis"

      Computerworld, Jan 23rd

      During the crisis business is looking for saving and process optimization, including the IT area. Our article on IT cost optimization.

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    • "Introduction of mobile payments in Biedronka discounts?"

      Wirtualna Polska, Jan 11th

      Plans for implementation of mobile payments in Biedronka discount shops. Our point of view.

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    • "A good business plan to convince investors"

      Puls Biznesu, Nov 16th

      Solid business plan is a key to obtain financing. An article with our comments.


    • "Companies are not about to reduce its headcounts"

      Gazeta Wyborcza, Aug 22nd

      Gazeta Wyborcza, while looking for companies that are currently hiring, finds Goldenberry. And mentions of our foreign expansion plans as well.

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    • "Alior Sync is launching: a new banking revolution?"

      Wirtualna Polska, Jun 13th

      Alior Sync is the new online bank. Our comment on its potential for soliciting clients from the competition.

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    • "How to reduce costs in the company?", Jun 12th

      Article goes through the opportunities to reduce costs using new technologies. We mention affordable cloud computing application.

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    • "Experts advise how to avoid harming your startup?"

      Gazeta Wyborcza, Mar 26th

      A list of mistakes that entrepreneurs often make while building their own start-up, based on experiences of Goldenberry and Comperia founders.

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    • "Best financial startups revealed"

      PR News, Feb 13th

      A report from the Sprint Startup Finance in Poznan. Marta Niemczyk was a mentor of this event.

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    • "Building brand quality is a teamwork"

      Rzeczpospolita, Feb 10th

      An article about building brand quality in labor market, with our comments.


    • "UTP takes off on November 2nd"

      Parkiet, Jan 14th

      An article about the implementation of a new trading system by the Warsaw Stock Exchange with our comments.

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    • "Good customer service is a key", Nov 27th

      Results of a survey about factors affecting customer satisfaction in banks, with our comments.

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    • "Mobile phone may replace a bank branch"

      Puls Biznesu, Nov 21st

      Article about mobile banking with our comments.


    • "Customers are dissatisfied with banking services"

      Gazeta Wyborcza, Nov 10th

      Results of a survey conducted by Goldenberry.

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    • Interview: customer service in banks

      TVN CNBC, Nov 9th

      Marta talks about results of Goldenberry research on customer service in banks.


    • "From an idea to success on the market"

      Gazeta Wyborcza, Nov 8th

      How to grow your business - with our comments.


    • "Customers demand lower banking fees"

      Parkiet, Nov 8th

      Service quality is important as well. Results of a survey conducted by Goldenberry.


    • "Customers want lower banking fees"

      Rzeczpospolita, Nov 8th

      What customers would like to change in the banks? A survey conducted by Goldenberry.


    • "Prices of banking services are about to go up"

      Gazeta Prawna, Nov 7th

      An article about rising prices of banking services with our comments.


    • "Exceed company's expectations"

      Puls Biznesu, Nov 2nd

      An article regarding ERP systems with our comments on cloud computing.



    • "Medical insurance"

      Puls Biznesu, Oct 17th

      An article about medical insurances with our comments.


    • "After a price war, a battle for quality in banks"

      Gazeta Prawna, Oct 14th

      An article about level of customer service in banks, with our comments.

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    • "Choosing a Forex broker"

      TVN CNBC, Sep 30th

      Bartłomiej Owczarek interviewed about various brokerage models.

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    • "Want a better relationship with clients? Use CRM", Sep 23rd

      An article by Marta Niemczyk on how to implement CRM system overnight.

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    • "Internships, competitions, job fairs"

      Metro, Aug 30th

      An article concerning internship opportunities with our comments.

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    • "Graduates good in theory, but lack experience"

      Gazeta Prawna, Aug 19th

      An article related to graduates' employment with our comments.

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    • "Is it worth to study abroad?", Aug 1st

      An article with our comments, based on the experience from the recruitment process.

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    • Goldenberry Pokonać korporacje

      "Defeat corporations"

      Dziennik GP, Jul 30th

      Exclusive story about Goldenberry, revealing details of the company's foundation during the crisis and the competition with large consulting corporations.

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    • "Successful CRM is not an IT system"

      PR News, July 25th

      Interview with Marta Niemczyk on key success factors in CRM initiatives.

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    • "Maybe it's a good time to invest on Forex?"

      CNBC, Jul 21st

      Part of the special coverage of a debt crisis, interview discussing opportunities and risks of forex investments.

    • "CRM, or how to..."

      Bankier TV, Jul 20th

      Marta Niemczyk interviewed about CRM: how to build relations with customers.

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    • "Company goes abroad"

      Gazeta Wyborcza, Jul 6st

      An article with our point of view on expanding abroad, especially East.

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