what does recruitment process look like?

First step is for application to be cleared for interview. This depends both on quality of the application as well as whether it matches current project needs.

Interviews then follow. Interviews are conducted till the decision can be made, so their number is not fixed - typically around three interviews for a hired candidate.

Interview contains both discussion of your previous career as well as case studies based on our actual projects. Each interviewer selects case studies according to his or her field of expertise. Significant part of interview may be conducted in English.

what are the easiest ways to improve my chances for interview?

Write a good cover letter, apply to Strategy only if your application has significant advantages relevant to this area.


what is a good cover letter?

It's concise, doesn't repeat the CV, is focused on why you are good match specifically for Goldenberry (not just for any company in general), uses plain language, doesn't use boilerplate statements (creative, fast-learning, etc).

There are surprisingly few applications with a meaningful cover letter, so writing one is a good way to get noticed.


why shouldn't I apply to Strategy?

Strategy area generates lowest demand for new team members, because its projects usually involve smaller teams with relatively high share of senior specialists. On the other hand it attracts most candidates, and therefore competition is highest.

You shouldn't bother unless you have highly relevant experience, for example from other strategy organisation.


what is considered an advantage for Operations practice?

Projects in Operations are highly multidisciplinary because they are about executing a tangible change for the organisation - for example creating a new e-commerce portal, starting a new business line, finding ways to lower operating costs.

Highly regarded candidates can demonstrate solid business background (preferably with previous experience in tasks such as business process analysis), as well as enthusiasm for exploring new technologies, since nowadays they are a key part of most initiatives.


should I include a photo in my application?

Photo is not required, but it makes it easier to associate application with a face and therefore is not discouraged.


how should I prepare for the interview?

Expect to be asked for explanation of your previous career decisions - why did you choose specific university? why did you start to work in your previous companies? and what made you leave?

If you haven't worked in consulting industry before, make sure you can convince us that your analytical skills are sufficient - are there any achievements you can present in this regard?

Make sure you have opinion on why you would (hopefully that's the case) prefer Goldenberry over other consulting companies.

If the process goes forward, you will be asked whether there are any people that have worked with you that we could call and ask for their opinion, especially previous managers.