about us

Goldenberry succeeds because its team cannot imagine working anywhere elsewhere, and its clients love to work with the team.

We founded the partnership in 2010 because we thought clients deserve an alternative to large, but impersonal consulting corporations and focused, but pricey strategic boutiques.

We created a premium quality, friendly and trustworthy consulting brand. Goldenberry has built long-term relations with some of the largest and most demanding global organisations.

We purposefully limit what our own team does to the core competences around business analysis and project management, but take responsibility for largest projects with carefully selected strategic partners.

Bartłomiej Owczarek

Bartłomiej is a founder and a strategy consultant, with experience spanning projects from London to Moscow, and clients including global financial institutions, through large private equity funds, to bleeding edge technology startup initiatives.

Marta Niemczyk

Marta is a founder and an experienced business consultant, specialising in operational projects. She has especially extensive experience related to customer relationship management initiatives in a number of industries. Marta leads the Operations practice.

Key features

Company founded in Poland, but focused on Western Europe.

Most of the team members have business background.

Unique ability to attract top talent among women.

Potential to lead and support largest IT initiatives.

Focus on the core business, and strategic partnerships for the rest.

Relatively few clients, long term relations rather than one-off projects.