growing with us

Goldenberry Learning

We use a dedicated portal called Goldenberry Learning to make distributing knowledge within the team more effective. It allows us to bring new recruits up to speed in a shorter time period and quickly spread new competences.

Upon joining the company you have access to most elementary trainings, like Working in Goldenberry, Using a Mac, Protecting Confidentiality.

Next level trainings are related to a toolset used daily by every consultant, including Issue Based Problem Solving, Secondary Research: the Basics, Visual Communication: the Basics.

Other trainings are assigned on a "need to know" basis depending on the business needs and career path of a consultant, for example Business Development, Documenting Processes.

Personalized trainings

In many cases, nothing can replace a more personalised training experience.

We conduct internal trainings in parallel with ongoing project and business development work. Because Goldenberry is actively growing, also the training material is shaped in real time and with contributions from participants.

Depending on the needs we also invest in specialized external trainings, including those related to personal development skills, like presentation or oral performance training.

Research & development

In addition to addressing today's needs of clients through our projects, we also invest in developing our own viewpoint on what will be their needs in the future. We want to differentiate ourselves in the market by having a strong local research capability.

Our research agenda is focused around topics such as Customer Experience, emerging champions and innovation areas like mobile payments.

As a team member you are encouraged to bring your own ideas as a contribution to our thinking and share them with everyone at our weekly general meetings.

Events and conferences

We consider it essential for every team member to be tracking a pulse of industries that we have interest in. What better way than to personally engage with the community?

Therefore we encourage identification and participation in relevant industry events such as conferences, fairs and lectures.