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Consulting career path in Goldenberry: partner, associate, business analyst

Business analyst

Analysts are actively involved in project teams, where their role includes participation in meetings with the clients, analysis of internal and external sources of information and delivery of a project's products under guidance of senior team members.

Major training and coaching activities are related to delivery standards, issue based problem solving, basics of communication with the clients and areas specific to the consulting practice e.g. process management (Operations) or financial modeling (Strategy).

In order to advance to Associate role, an analyst must demonstrate ability to establish rapport with the client, structure effective approaches to problem solving and independently manage delivery of large projects.

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Associates are senior consultants capable of assisting clients with minimum supervision. They are responsible for planning the project approach, they distribute tasks among other team members, draft project deliverables and review them to ensure that they meet all the necessary standards.

Their training and coaching is tailored to individual an growth plan and may include advanced communication and presentation training, as well as advanced subject matter material related to their specialization. At this stage of their career they are also able to contribute to the training of other members.

Associates support the external communications by contributing to publications in their area of specialty.

In order to advance to Senior Associate role, an Associate must demonstrate ability to manage the overall client relations with the client and act as the client’s trusted counterpart. They must also excel in their area of speciality, be a mentor to junior team members and be prepared to act as the "public face" of the company.

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Senior Associate

Senior associates are the most experienced of the team members.

They are capable of taking on the managerial role in any Goldenberry project. They are actively involved in discussions of new opportunities with clients and are actively shaping Goldenberry's R&D agenda.

Senior Associates contribute significantly to knowledge - building inside the firm by planning for new training content and defining quality standards and deliverable templates. They are actively contributing to Goldenberry's external image by representing the firm via public appearances and publications.

In order to become an Associate Partner, a Senior Associate must contribute significantly to Goldenberry's overall performance, as well as demonstrate long term commitment to the company.

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Associate Partner / Partner

Partners have responsibilities similar to Senior Associates with addition of tasks related to management of the overall company or specific line of business e.g. practice (Strategy) or industry (banking).

Partners' major tasks include supervising the quality of project work, maintaining relations with the clients, recruiting new team members, managing media relations, monitoring financial performance and shaping Goldenberry's overall strategy, for example by making decisions regarding opening new lines of business or new geographies.

All partners have their remuneration tied to Company or business line performance. This is done through contracts in the case of Associate Partners and through equity in the case of Partners.

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