Even the most brilliant ideas are meaningless until they are put into practice.

We help our clients to implement their most challenging initiatives.

What we do

Implementation is a consulting practice focused on making change happen.

Typical activities performed by the consultants include support in program and project management, change planning, preparation and execution of custom trainings, coaching and support of business users in large IT initiatives.

Change management

Our role is to help organisation go through required change through all available means - coaching, training, communication, ensuring user support.

The fact that we often work between business and IT worlds is often helpful in supporting roll-out of large technology programs.

Our consultants also have extensive experience in managing post-merger integration.

Reference project

Our client was one of the largest banks. The client executed pan-european program aimed at implementing advanced risk management method (IRBA), which would result in significant savings from more effective capital allocation.

We supported program in Poland in change management and project management work streams, as well as provided support in final preparation for regulatory audit.

In order to become IRBA compliant, the bank had to change all loan origination processes and corresponding IT applications, resulting in changes impacting virtually all front-line, back-office and risk management units.

Arkadiusz was lead consultant on this project, ask for more details →

Other projects

  • Introducing new organisational structure in IT program involving ca. 150 people
  • Custom training development for internal and external needs
  • Introducing changes in IT organisation in institution employing ca. 100,000 people
  • Detailed implementation roadmap definition as a follow-up to a number of strategy projects