Most of the crucial business processes of today’s organizations are supported by advanced technology.

We combine a business-oriented approach with solid IT credentials.

System selection

Combination of IT acumen and independence from software vendor makes us an ideal partner to support selection of large IT systems.

Reference project

A large company decided that it needs to purchase a new General Ledger system, in order to support its expanding B2C business. The new system had to meet highly specific requirements due to peculiarities of existing IT architecture.

We defined requirements for functional and technical part of the RFP, gave input to long list of the vendors, managed detailed workshops with selected vendors and prepared a final recommendation with quantitative model, based in a large part on detailed reference check through independent insider sources in the industry.

Rafał was managing this project, contact him for details→

Core system projects

We have extensive experience in some of typically most challenging IT projects: core system implementations.

Moreover, our consultants participated in programs within most complex industries, where unique business requirements are more a norm than an exception: banking, insurance, healthcare.

IT program management

It becomes a common occurrence that clients retain ownership of their largest programs, instead of transferring whole responsibility to selected one large vendor.

Our role in this scenario is to provide client with required senior experts in order to close potential competence gaps.

For example, in case of ca. 150-person program of one of our clients, we provided a targeted support of 10 consultants, taking over roles such as program manager, functional architect, integration architect and business analysts in some areas. Having those key specialists that he could rely on, the client sourced remaining resources from both internal staff as well as selected vendors.

IT transformation

As a trusted advisor we are often involved in transforming the IT department itself. The goal is to improve satisfaction from IT department's output, lower the overall IT costs, and often both at the same time.

We have supported these efforts in organisations ranging from 200 to 100,000 employees.

Other projects

  • Functional and process analyses for core system development in healthcare
  • Vendor management on behalf of business owners in a number of large IT initiatives
  • Support in contract definition of contract with IT vendor for core system delivery