Looking back at 2014

Mar 9, 2015

The year was transformational for Goldenberry, which created its first in-house technology startup, as well as diversified its consulting projects and produced its most popular publication ever.

Company entered the year on the heels of a very successful 2013, when revenues rose rapidly. However, they were highly concentrated in one client, which created a significant risk. The team also wanted to try development of independent consumer-oriented projects in addition to consulting work.

New startup: GdziePoLek

A dedicated in-house team created, which is a portal for patients looking for medicines available for immediate pickup in brick-and-mortar pharmacies. The idea is to address limited medicine availability, currently an important problem in Poland.

Screenshot from GdziePoLek's results page

In order to create the application, Goldenberry decided to use Microsoft's technology stack, because of synergies with the technology initiatives for corporate clients. The solution, a .NET MVC 5 custom application, is fully cloud based and uses several No-SQL stores to efficiently process large quantities of fast moving data.

Membership in Microsoft's Bizspark startup program provided additional advantages, including access to a broad range of software assets useful in development and testing.

GdziePoLek's technologies overview: Azure based infrastructure

Having successfully tested the technology, the team is currently signing up pharmacies and other corporate partners.

You can visit GdziePoLek's web site and leave email address to be notified of launch.

If you work in pharmacy-related company, you can contact us to get trial access.

Even before market validation of the concept, GdziePoLek produced several benefits, including increased in-house technology abilities, creating a show case for cutting edge technologies which are of interest to the clients (eg. Azure cloud), and exploration of the previously untouched pharmaceutical market.

Consulting projects

Development of GdziePoLek involved up to 10 people, therefore consulting revenues were lower by a number approximately corresponding to the investment (PLN 2.5m vs 4.2m a year before).

However, company achieved its goal of diversifying the revenues across several clients and industries.

Most notable projects included interim management in a number of Merger Integration initiatives (banking), management of anti-phishing system implementation (banking), core system development (largest security company), strategic studies (transfer agent, private investors), projects in logistics and transport management.

In the same time, Goldenberry became partner of IBM to explore several specialised software solutions (including logistics and decision engines).


Among published research, a paper called "Scrum in Large Organisations", based on Goldenberry experience in introducing agile methods, became the most popular publication ever released by the company (over 4000 downloads).

Scrum In Large Companies Checklist

Scrum In Large Companies, checklist


Goals for new year include further diversified growth in consulting, market validation of GdziePoLek concept, and further advancement of end-to-end technology capabilities.




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