Support for Butterfly Effect foundation

Feb 5, 2015

Goldenberry continues to support young Polish talent development by transfering donation for Butterfly Effect. The objective of the foundation is to promote English language education among, in particular, rural youth.

The Foundation aims to create equal opportunities for Polish children from a rural background through financing additional English language training, organizing motivational meetings with business representatives and funding scholarships in the most underdeveloped regions of Poland.


Goldenberry is a Polish consulting firm operating through its offices in Warsaw and London. The firm serves largest organisations in both business as well as technological projects.

"Our work requires high level of communication skills, especially during multinational projects, where efficient use of foreign language is a necessity," says Bartłomiej Owczarek, Goldenberry’s partner, "therefore it is important for us to support development of young people's skills".

Goldenberry has become one of the supporting partners of the Foundation through a donation on behalf of all employees and clients who received its Christmas cards. Each card translated to support amounting PLN 25 for the non-profit organisation, amounting to over PLN 10,000 in total.



Foundation website

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