Looking back at 2013

Feb 24, 2014

Goldenberry closed a remarkable year. Revenues rose 240% to PLN 4.2m, team more than doubled and strategic partnerships opened vast new project opportunities.

Achieved growth was a result of several noteworthy client engagements.

In London, the projects were traditionally focused in the strategic area, with initiatives such as extensive market study and financial modelling for a startup initiative.

Operations and IT consulting practice executed a number of significant initiatives, including advisory in transformation of IT organisation within one of country's largest institutions and participation in one of the largest core system developments.

Goldenberry team at work

Not a 9-to-5 project: Goldenberry team at work

However, even more significant was progress in executing end-to-end projects involving delivery of bespoke software.

In order to address such opportunities Goldenberry finalised alliance with PGS Software, a custom software developer. The partnership allowed to execute a large implementation of a complex e-commerce platform, which at its peak point involved over 20 specialists in the joint team.

In correspondence with accelerating business, size of the Goldenberry team roughly doubled in the course of the year, which required significant investment in recruiting efforts.

In order to increase brand awareness among graduates, Goldenberry became an official partner of the Warsaw School of Economics and ramped up activities at the university.

On the other hand the team was reinforced by new senior members, first by Sergiusz Szczepankiewicz and then by Tomasz Sułek, while Rafał Duda was promoted to the senior level from within.

The company continued to invest in effective and transparent market communication, including a significant upgrade of its web site. In June Puls Biznesu published an extensive case study of the company.

New web site

Outlook for 2014 looks promising, with a record number of new clients already on board or in advanced stage of negotiations.

While growth rate is expected to be lower because of increased scale, main goals at the moment are diversification of the project portfolio in terms of reduced share of the largest accounts, and continuing ramp-up of activity abroad. Goldenberry also wants to further develop its ability to execute large, end-to-end operational and IT initiatives.


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